Sunday Morning 9:30

Adam Rzeszowski / Room 203

Living in Faith…Not Fear 

Using the analogy of an army soldier, this class is

about making the move from “reserve” status to

“active duty” in the army of Christ and becoming a 

true warrior who lives without fear. 

This class will begin the Sunday after Godstock.


Nathan Bolton & Sarge Domerese / Room 204

Courageous Faith

The purpose of this class is to deepen your faith,

and equip you to better handle life’s day-to-day



Venishia McGregor / Room 206

Suddenly Single Mom: 52 Messages of Hope, 

Grace, and Promise / Women

Raising your children alone may not have been 

your plan, but these 52 encouragements will support 

and inspire you to thrive in your new role.


Linda Chapman / Room 208

Lord, Help Me Through This

We will study Jesus’ interactions with people

whose struggles were much like ours and how

He is always ready to join in our battles when 

He hears us cry, “Lord, help me through this!”



Preston & Christy Raymer / Room 209

What God Says About Family / Blended Families 

Sometimes family life gets tough, and sometimes

that is because we get out of God’s order and plan.

Join us in seeking God’s wisdom for building and

maintaining healthy, joy-filled families.


Bob Hammond / Room 210

Transformation into the Image of Jesus

We are told from the Word of God that 

we can be changed from an ugly caterpillar 

into a beautiful butterfly.  Which does your

life exemplify?  If it is a caterpillar with such 

things as fear, anger, marriage chaos, lust, 

bitterness, evil speaking, and malice, then this 

is the class for you!  Be transformed into the 

image of Jesus.


Jim Britt & Bart Britt / Room 212

Rab’s Class

In this class, we will study the Word of

God together to see its relevance to

contemporary living, and to see the validity of the

truth and the standards of measurement for 

living.  We will study the Bible in light of present

day events and what the future holds.

Questions and discussion are encouraged.


Donna Wofford / Room 213

Class of Esther / Women

This class will challenge every woman to be a 

doer of the Word, which will activate a community

of women of faith and action.


Larry & Emily Mustread / Room 300

Marriage Ministry Couples

Married or Soon to be Married

This class offers biblical insights into God’s

design for marriage and encourages growth in 

relationships with God and with each other.


Pastor Mark B. Hale / Room 303

McCubbin/Ward Men’s Class

This class is for men who desire greater knowledge

and wisdom from the Word, and how to use that knowledge

to deepen their relationships with God and fellow-believers.


Tim and Lisa Murley / Choir Room

Bible Studies for Life

This class presents truths and principles

of God’s Word that lead to understanding

what it means to be a follower of Christ in 

word and deed.


Freddie Hampton / Fellowship Hall

The Main Thing  

A deep love for Jesus, “The Main Thing,”

is what every Christian should desire.

In this class, you will see that having this 

love is foundational in building long-lasting

relationships with other believers.


Sunday Morning Preschool Classes

Ages 0-3 / 8:00

Ages 0-K/  9:30

Ages 0-K / 11:00

Sunday Morning Children Classes

Grades 1-6 / 9:30 & 11:00

Sunday Morning Youth Classes

Grades 7-12 /  9:30 & 11:00



Sunday Morning 11:00


Wayne & Dusty Knotts / Room 204

Come Hungry

Come read the Old Testament with

us and enjoy lessons taught from 

the weekly chronological reading 

schedule.  Class is designed for all

ages, has an interactive format, and

attendance can begin at any time.  

Come hungry and go deeper.


Pastor Jeff Crabtree / Room 208

Bible Studies for Life 

We contemplate the world around us

and our place in it.  We wonder if God

exists.  We think about life in new ways

and question change — but we still 

question everything.  And somewhere

along the way, we come to the most

basic question of all: “Why are we here?”


Pastor Keith & Lindsay Scarborough / Room 300

Justin & Amy Gearlds

Blake & Rachel Ayers

The Cross Generation 

This class is a mix of generations who

are focused on the Cross and searching

for biblical guidance and growth in 

today’s culture.


Pastor Mark B. Hale / Room 303

Grief Share

For those who have experienced loss,

this class gives biblical perspective of

coping with and getting through these 

times of brokenness and grief.


Pastor Jeff Prosser / University Room

University Class / ages 18-25

This class offers insight on how to grow in faith

and connect with others who are seeking the

same guidance in their lives.



Monday at Noon

Pastor Steve Ayers

Pastor Jamie Ward / Room 300

The Rest of the Story

This is a unique opportunity for you to 

engage with the primary preaching pastors

of Hillvue Heights Church.  This class will

primarily focus on a deeper look at the text

preached on the preceding Sunday.


Tuesday at Noon

Pastor Jeff Crabtree / Room 300

Friends, Fast, and the Future

As we study the book of Daniel,

we will see how God’s leading and

protection in the life of Daniel 

applies to our lives today.   



Thursday at Noon

Pastor Tom Stokes / Fellowship Hall

The Epistles

We will study the epistles historically 

and situationally, as well as, expository presentations. 

We will follow the traditional chronology of the New 

Testament beginning with Romans.



Wednesday Evening at 6:30


Jeff Crabtree / Room 205

The Real Heaven / What the Bible Actually Says

In this study, hypes and myths are set aside and

together you will dig into the Scriptures to discover

what God actually wants us to know about the 

afterlife.  Questions such as these will be answered:

What does the Bible say about heaven?

What difference does it make?

What happens the moment after we die?

What will our relationships be like in Heaven?


Louise Holloman / Room 206

Women’s Bible Study / Women

31 Verses to Write on Your Heart

Feast on God's Word in small bites 

and nourish your heart for the rest of 

the day! Learn verses that will give you 

the hope you are looking for when your 

faith needs a boost or a friend needs 



Richard Holloman / Room 207

Brian Fox

Anger: Taming a Powerful Emotion

Anger is a reality in life, but it doesn’t 

have to control our lives.  This class 

will offer helpful and surprising insights 

into why you get angry and what you 

can do about it.


Todd Clark /  Room 208

Parenting in the Digital Age

YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, 

Gaming and Smartphones are here to stay!  

Our kids are going to use technology to learn 

all kinds of things, it’s our job to teach them 

how to learn the right way.  A 2018 study in the

UK found 25% of children six and under have a 

smartphone.  Join us for practical wisdom on 

leading children and teens through the struggles 

and blessings technology brings.  

No tech savvy needed!


Alan Faehner / Room 210

Studying the Scripture

We will look at interesting passages in Scripture

with a desire to answer spontaneous questions.

Come with a hunger and thirst to know His Word

better, and come prepared with Scriptures you would

like to discuss deeper with brothers and sisters

in Christ.


John Paul Logsdon / Room 212

I and II Thessalonians

Why study I and II Thessalonians?

Two thousand years have passed since

Paul penned I & II Thessalonians with only

the letters of James and Galatians written

earlier.  So much has changed in the world

since the Thessalonians assemble to hear 

these letters from their beloved apostle.  

Yet, in many ways, little has changed.  Come

and study verse by verse what God has to

say to us TODAY as how we are to live before

Him (I Thessalonians 2:12).


Noble Bell / Room 213

Jesus: Up Close & Personal

Although Proverbs is a practical book dealing 

with the art of living, it bases its practical 

wisdom solidly on the fear of the Lord.  As we 

go through this study, we will see throughout the 

book reverence for God and reliance on him are 

set forth as the path to life, prosperity and security.


Women’s Ministry Team / Room 300

This group of women comes together to develop

a stronger relationship in Christ that will guide and

direct them, regardless of their age or stage in life.

Beginning September 5th, the team will be teaching

“The Foundational Truths of Romans 1-8” written by

Bob Warren. Come join us as we grow in his Word.


Jim & Janice Smith / Room 303

Marriage Under Fire

This class focuses on equipping young

couples with biblical tools to survive

and to thrive in a sinful world.  This class

will use instruction, video training, and 

group discussion.


Freddie Hampton / Fellowship Hall

Men’s Ministry / Men

What are the qualities of a Man 

of God?  This class will challenge 

you to examine the role Jesus wants

to play in your life as a Christian man.  

The goal of the class is to encourage

 men to develop a deeper “followship” 

with Jesus Christ.


Aubrey Duncan / Choir Room

Billy Lowe

Ephesians / Men

This study will bring out a rich and 

comprehensive look at how the Gentile 

Christian should live and how the Church 

should function. Paul covers much of the 

same ground in his letter to the Ephesians 

that he did in the letter to the Romans with 

much less ink. At the heart of this wonderful 

letter, is how grace becomes glorious to each 

of us as Christians.


Pastor Steve & Elizabeth Ayers / Chapel

Membership Seminar

Come and learn about the beliefs, history,

mission, vision, core values, and faith 

practices of Hillvue Heights Church.

Seminar will be held: August 22nd,

September 19th, October 17th, and

November 14th.  Attendance is one time.


Monday Evening at 6:30


Divorce Care / Room 206

This class is a support group and educational

class for those who are experiencing the pain

of divorce and/or separation.  In this class, 

individuals will find hope, healing, and strength 

from the Lord and from others who are in a 

similar time of life.


Tuesday Evening at 6:00

Amy Gearlds / Room 208

Amanda Slaton

Hannah’s Hope

This class is for women seeking 

God’s heart in dealing with the 

pain of infertility and miscarriage.

This class will meet bi-weekly, 

beginning Tuesday, August 14th at 6:00 PM.


Friday Mornings at 6:30a


Adam Rogers / University Room

Bible & Biscuits / Men

This Bible Study for men will draw

life applications from biblical stories.

The class will meet on the following

Fridays: August 17th,  September 28th, 

October 19th, November 9th, November 30th, 

and December 21st.



Discovery Classes

David Cash / Room 204

Gospel Conversations

Begins September 12th 

This is a five week training to empower 

you to turn everyday conversations into 

gospel conversations.  The emphasis will 

not be on teaching but on practicing what

you learn in each session.  These sessions 

will build on one another from week to week 

to instill the confidence you need to have a

 “gospel conversation” with anyone.


Next Steps

Sometimes as a new believer we may 

not know the next steps to take in our

spiritual life.  The six sessions will be led

by a friend that will help you discover 

more about Jesus as you grow on your

journey with him. Each class is limited to five 

individuals. If you are interested, 

contact Linda Chapman at 270-202-2287

or Jill Duncan at 270-842-0012.


Baptism Class

This is a class for any adult considering baptism.

In this class, we will discuss the reason for baptism 

and what to expect at baptism.  This class is offered

Sunday mornings at 9:30 and Wednesday nights at

6:30.  If you are interested, contact Jeff Crabtree 

jeffcrabtree@hillvue.com or Jill Duncan  jillduncan@hillvue.com 

or call 270-842-0012.


Pastor Jamie Ward / Room 213

Why is Baptism Important?

October 7th at 8:00 

This class will teach the importance of 

obedience in Baptism.  If you struggle with why

you should be baptized, this class will give you

scriptural knowledge as to how Jesus taught us to 

express our faith in him and his great salvation. 

Also, this class is for those who have been baptized, 

and want to be able to share with others how baptism

is not only a symbol but a sermon about the cross and



Pastor Jeff Crabtree  /  Room 213

Where Do I Begin…Reading God’s Word?

Sept. 23rd at 8:00, Oct. 14th at 11:00 & 

Nov. 11th at 8:00

This class will teach the importance of reading God’s

Word.  No book has impacted the world like the Bible.  

II Timothy 3:16 tells us that the Word of God is 

“useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in

righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly 

equipped for every good work.” The whole Bible is about Jesus, 

but it can be confusing as where to begin reading. Jeff will give

insight where to begin and how to continually make this

a discipline in your life to strengthen you spiritually.


Pastor Jamie Ward / Room 213

Why is Jesus the Only Way ?

Sept. 16th at 8:00, Oct. 21st at 11:00 & 

Nov. 4th at 8:00

This class will teach the importance

of knowing that there is no other way to the

Father except through Jesus Christ.  Many

people will challenge that there are different 

ways to be in a relationship with God or even

enter heaven.   As Christians, we seek to think 

biblically, and it is important to know and affirm what 

the Bible says about Jesus and the way to salvation.

Attending this class will give you a better understanding 

through scriptures to strengthen your faith and the ability 

to share with other why Jesus is the only way.


Financial Peace Opportunities
(both Sunday and Wednesday)


Maurice and Lucy Boucher / Room 211

Financial Peace University / Sunday Morning 9:30

Beginning August 12th, this 12-week Dave Ramsey 

curriculum focuses on how to get out & stay out of debt.  

The class teaches how to handle money wisely, God’s way.  

Through the 12 weeks, participants find that their attitude 

and behavior towards money changes.  $90 per participant.  

Alumni from previous classes may attend.


Brandon & Jessica Coulter / Room 211

Financial Peace University / Wednesday Evening 6:30

Beginning August 22nd, this 12-week Dave Ramsey 

curriculum focuses on how to get out & stay out of debt.  

The class teaches how to handle money wisely, God’s way.  

Through the 12 weeks, participants find that their attitude 

and behavior towards money changes.  $90 per participant.  

Alumni from previous classes may attend.