Hillvue began in the basement of W.K. and Allene Pinkerton's home in 1957. It was a church created and committed to reaching southern Warren County for Christ. From its beginning, Hillvue was called to share the message of salvation as it sought to reach out to people. Through the 60's, the church began to grow and the chapel was built. In the 70's, the church grew even more, continued to reach people, and built additional space for continuing ministry in the 80's. The church began to have lots of internal conflict that almost destroyed Hillvue. By 1991, the church was whittled down to a faithful remnant of about 30 people. Consequently, they faced some crucial decisions about whether it was feasible to stay together. There was a lot of debt, few worshippers, and little money. The buildings were dilapidated from lack of funding, and the original mission of the church had been misplaced.


God was not finished with this church. In fact, God's mission was rediscovered and He showed us new ways to ignite the mission from the 50's. The faithful 30 were prayerful, spiritual people, and they were willing to give themselves to the mission. In 1991, God's strength, a new pastor, a lot of prayer, a lot of hard work, and sacrificial giving all worked together to connect with the community. By the second year, this church had a strong focus; Hillvue Heights was to CONNECT, HEAL and DEVELOP people into ministers of God's grace. God sent this vision that continues to inspire this church to this day. To communicate this more effectively, the vision has been refocused to C3HD. We exist to connect people to a relationship with Jesus through the cross and resurrection, community of faith, and the truth of the word of God. These connections lead us to experience healing and develop into players in God's mission.

Since the first days of our new beginning, the church has grown to involve over 8,000 people on a monthly basis. As we embrace the 21st century, we remain a following people, a loving people, and a risking people, faithful to God and his mission.

There are so many stories at Hillvue of lives deeply touched and renewed by the grace of God. Among other things, this is a place of where people have shed off addictions, seen marriages renewed, watched the children grow to become men and women of God, heard the calling of God into ministry, experienced the joy of belonging, had physical illnesses relieved, received a new purpose for life, witnessed thousands of baptisms, and understood the power of the Holy Spirit. We are a people who have truly been humbled by the awesome power and presence of God in our lives.