Hillvue Heights Church

Holy Week Banner

Holy Week 2013

Bible Studies

These classes meet at noon each day on the 3rd floor of the administration building during Holy Week and feature our teaching pastors. The classes will be 45 minutes or less so that you can fit them in during your lunch break.

Evening Activities

All activities begin at 6:30 p.m. and will last approximately 45 minutes.


Overcome Worship


The Upper Room


The Garden


The Cross

Other Activities

Preschool and Nursery:

Childcare will be available for Nursery up to age 5 on each evening activity. Easter Sunday programming will be as usual.

Children and Youth:

Children and Youth classes will meet as normal on Wednesday and Easter Sunday Morning.

Adult Bible Studies:

Adult Bible Studies will continue as usual on Monday, but will not meet on Wednesday night or Easter Sunday.

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