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Worship Service Times:

The new children's building

We have four regular worship services:

Worship Service Locations:

Our Sunday morning and Wednesday night worship services are located in our main worship center at the center of our campus.

What should I expect in the worship service?

Our praise band typically begins our service with several songs of worship. The words to the songs are projected onto our two screens in the front of the worship center, and most of the congregation sings along or simply listens. You can see what that's like through the videos on Hillvue.tv.

Somewhere between these songs, one of our pastors typically comes out to welcome the first time guests, and will probably ask you to raise your hand so that one of our greeters can get you more information about the church. In this packet of information is an information card that we would like for you to fill out so that we can have a record of your visit. Don't worry - We won't send anyone to your doorstep or call you unless you ask us to. Once you fill this out, simply place it in the offering bag as it comes around later in the service.

Often, we have the opportunity to witness baptisms during the service. This is a time where we celebrate with those who have made the decision to receive Jesus. We often clap and cheer in response to these.

An offering bag is passed around for people to contribute to the vision and expenses of the church. This giving is an act of worship for our members and regular guests. As a visitor, please do not feel obligated to contribute.

Pastor Steve or one of our other preaching pastors will share from the word of God and from his heart in the sermon. There will be a time of invitation where you are welcome to come to the altar area up front, kneel down, and pray. If you'd like to speak with a pastor, several will be available there at that time.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Please arrive early to allow time for parking, checking in your children, and getting to your class or a worship service. Handicap parking is available. The majority of the parking spaces closest to the buildings are designated for handicap use.


Infants and preschoolers are welcome here. Providing safe and meaningful class experiences for them is very important to us. For more details about what to expect and where to go with your infant or preschooler, please visit our Preschool Ministry first-time guide.

Bible Study

We offer Bible Studies for all ages throughout the week. Guests and visitors are welcome in these classes. Please pick up a Bible Study brochure at one of our welcome kiosks for details about class options, times, and locations or visit our Adult Bible Study section to browse the current class options. You can also visit our Children, Jr. High, Sr. High or University pages for age-specific and grade-specific class information.

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