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The Book of Romans

Blended Families

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The Main Thing

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June and July, 2014

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Marriage Class

Larry & Emily Mustread

Room 300-302 - Administration Building

This class is for any married couple seeking biblical insight on what marriage is designed to be and how that biblical instruction plays out in everyday life. Join us this semester as we help equip couples to grow in true intimacy, connection, and purpose - and experience closeness for a lifetime.

McCubbin / Ward Men's Class

Pastor Mark B. Hale

Room 303 - Administration Building

We are a group of men from every season of life dealing with life issues in light of biblical truth. In this class, we seek to deepen our knowledge and wisdom in the Word of God as lasting relationships are forged in the trenches of everyday life.

How to Study the Bible

Bob Hammond

Room 201 - Administration Building

Do you know how to mine the Word of God on your own for sparkling gems? You will learn an overview of every book of the Bible and the effective use of Bible atlases, Bible dictionaries, different versions, concordances, figures of speech, Greek, study Bibles, and commentaries. Experience the Word of God that is alive, powerful, and sharp (Hebrews 4:12)!

Living Courageously Holy Lives in Christ

Phyllis Rzeszowski

Room 203 - Administration Building

No matter how much time we get here on this earth, life is short. It's certainly too short to waste time on things that don't matter. In this class, we'll look to God's Word to teach us the things that do matter, and we'll learn how to live courageously holy lives in Christ that make a difference in the world around us.

The Class of Esther Women's Class

Donna Wofford

Room 213 - Administration Building

We are a group of strong women from every stage of life, committed to growing deeper in our relationships with the Lord and with one another. By studying the Word of God together, we seek to deepen our knowledge of the Scriptures and learn how Jesus actively impacts our lives on a daily basis. Women of all ages are invited to become a part of this community.

Ordinary People Encountering Jesus

Linda Chapman

Room 205 - Administration Building

We will be seeing Jesus through the eyes of those ordinary people He touched by His words, His hands, His life, and His love. Come with us as we witness the transforming Power of Christ in ordinary people, both then and now. This class welcomes ALL who seek to know Christ more intimately.

Courageous Faith

A Class for Men

Pastor Jeff Reynolds and Nathan Bolton

Room 206 - Administration Building

This class begins September 15th.

Our world is in need of men - real, godly men who are serious about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and living out the faith once for all delivered to the saints. This class is designed for men who are ready to take on the challenge and call to biblical manhood in every arena of life, and who are ready to take on and bless the world in the mighty name of Jesus.

The Baptism Class

The Baptism Team

Room 207 - Administration Building

Led by the Baptism Team, this one-time-only class will help you understand the biblical foundations for and significance of biblical baptism. During this class, any questions you have about baptism will be answered, and you will have an opportunity to schedule your baptism.

The Book of Romans

Don Robertson

Room 208 - Administration Building

Considered by many to be the Apostle Paul's magnum opus, the Letter to the Romans presents with absolute clarity the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and the lengths to which God went to rescue depraved human beings through the cross and resurrection of His Son. Join us as we discover the depths of God's grace and how that grace reshapes everything we are in Christ.

Learning to Walk With Jesus

Don Dukes

Room 204 - Administration Building

Jesus has so much for you -- things you can't even imagine right now. Would you join us on a journey of discovering what Jesus has done for us, what He is doing in us, and what He will do through us? Let's join together and experience the life of Christ.

God Hears & Delivers

A Study of Exodus

Don Robertson

Room 208 - Administration Building

The Exodus is the grand narrative of Scripture. It is a glorious Old Testament depiction of God's deliverance of His people, and it is a majestic foreshadowing of the deliverance given to all who give their lives to Jesus Christ. In this class, we will study both the history and present implications of one of the grandest stories of all time. Join us as we study our God who still delivers today!

Two Becoming One

Blended Families

Mike & Joy Foley

Room 209 - Administration Building

When two established families are joined by marriage, they often don't end up like "The Brady Bunch." Sometimes things go very well, and at other times, life can get rough. Join us in this class as we examine what God teaches us about being husbands, wives, parents and stepparents in a sometimes difficult situation. Surrounded by families with strikingly similar stories, you can expect honesty, humor, and most of all, truth as we explore how to thrive in blended families.

Honor Begins at Home

David Tooley

Room 210 - Administration Building

God's Word calls us to be strong and courageous for the sake of our faith and our families. This walk starts first at home. Through inspiring movie clips and insightful activities, we will be challenged in a Bible Study experience to help men and women of all ages prepare to leave a strong legacy of faithfulness for their children and generations to come.

Love & Respect

Building Blocks

Billy Joe Clarkson

Room 211 - Administration Building

Couples interested in participating in this exciting class should go by the marriage desk in the old atrium and sign up. We will be accepting only 6 couples per 6 week term. This class will begin anew each 6 weeks. Once you sign up, you will be contacted by Billy Joe Clarkson.

Rab's class

Jim Britt

Room 212 - Administration Building

Join Rev. Jim Britt - "Rab" as we affectionately call him - on a wonderful journey of discovery through the Word of God. In this class, you will look deeply into God's Word and into the cultures around us to see how God is moving mightily today in the lives of His people.

University Women's Class

Jacquelyn Cline


Ladies, join us for a time of Bible study, sharing, and prayer each Sunday morning at 9:30. We all need a group of sisters with whom we can go through life. This is a great place to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus and each other!

University Men's Class

Pastor Ben Brewster and Pastor Sean Pugh

Chapel Sitting Room

This time is for young men ages 18-25 who want to grow in their faith with other guys their age. As we study together each week, we will seek to overcome the influences of the world around us in order to become the men that God desires us to be.

The Main Thing

Freddie Hampton

Fellowship Hall - Education Building

This class will cover the basic principles of what it means to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior. From developing an understanding of the assurance of your salvation to determining what gifts God has given you to use in the Kingdom of God, this class will lead you into a closer walk with Jesus. In addition, you will find an incredible faith family with whom you can share your journey of faith in Jesus Christ.

The Worship Class

Pastor Keith Scarborough

Choir Room

This class begins at 10:00 AM.

Learn what it means to pour out all that you are in praise and adoration of our Heavenly Father as we explore what the Bible tells us about worship. This class is open to everyone, so please join us as we learn together what it means to worship our Savior in spirit and in truth.

Financial Peace University

Maurice and Lucy Boucher

Room 212 - Administration Building

This is a 9-week video series designed to teach people how to get out of debt and stay out of debt. This class covers many topics including cashflow planning, dumping debt, saving, giving, and much more. A class cost of $90 will be charged to each participant. FPU alumni are welcome to join the class at any time.

For more information on these classes, contact Pastor Jeff Reynolds.